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Digital Transfer T-Shirt PrintingEver been told that Digital Transfer T-Shirt Printing is terrible, not good for durability, bad for color print vibrancy? Epichouse T-Shirt Printing begs to differ! Being highly experienced t-shirt printers in this market (over 10 years of printing experience, mind you!), we know the ins and outs to t-shirt printing! With the increasing demand of full coloured t-shirt printing, Digital Transfer Printing has actually become one of the most fanciful way of printing your t-shirts. Our customers are no longer bounded by the high set up costs with Silk-screen Printing, not bounded by color restrictions, and more.

However, it is not a perfect t-shirt printing method too. It has it's disadvantages when it comes to bulk, high quantity, t-shirt printing orders! As Digital Transfer Printing is not exactly quantity-sensitive, t-shirt printing costs does not go much lower when we are printing in bulk, as compared to Silk-screen Printing.

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