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Silk-screen Printing

Silk-screen Printing for your tshirts!

Silk-Screen Printing, also known as plot printing, is one the popular method of t-shirt printing. It is known for its superior printing results that are long-lasting and the colors won't fade. It is printed using templates to produce replicas of the initial design, and every printing color requires a template. However, the cost of the printing template is very high, hence, the high set-up costs for Silk-Screen Printing.

Most of the silk-screen factories in Singapore only provides regular silk-screen printing method for your t-shirt printing order. However, at Epichouse T-Shirt Printing, we strive to produce t-shirt printing orders of epic proportions. Hence, we have also mastered various specialty printing like Glitter Printing, Gold/Silver Printing and even the uncommon yet cool Emboss Printing. For more information, please get in contact with one of Epichouse T-shirt Printing staff now!

When you are printing with us, you can be assured that your t-shirt printing orders will be to your liking, requirements and pricing.


T-Shirt Printing Method To Be Used When

  • Quantity is reasonable to reduce the high set-up costs.
  • The number of colors in printing design is low as every printing color requires another expensive template to be made.

T-Shirt Printing Method Not To Be Used When

  • Gradients and color shades are required to be printed.
  • Quantity of print is less than 10pcs, or depending on the design.